Giorgio Armani

TRUE COLORS: The photographic exhibit “Fabula,” unveiled Friday evening at the Armani Silos space, isn’t what one would really expect from Giorgio Armani — and the designer knows it. “I was tickled by the idea that people think I love neutrals so much, that this is a contradiction and that Armani doesn’t love colors, but, actually, here they are,” said Armani during a walkthrough. “I fell in love with these color palettes, and I had fun with the images.”

Indeed, the exhibition of more than 250 images by French photographer Charles Fréger, his largest to date and running until March 24, is joyful and entertaining, capturing a variety of subjects from around the world, ranging from the Finnish ice-skating team and images of young Sumo wrestlers and Sikh soldiers to whimsically and artfully painted Jaipur elephants or quirky yet traditional masked costumes.


Two photos by Charles Fréger  Charles Fréger

Armani, who years ago staged his own “Eccentrico” exhibition said there is a “need for eccentricity today. He lamented how generally “we are now stupidly attracted by small and banal things, but we need to be stimulated.” In fashion, too, it seems “anything now is an invention, but that’s not true. We must be inventive.”



Photos by Charles Fréger  Charles Fréger


In recent years, the Armani/Silos space, which was unveiled in April 2015, has staged solo exhibitions of photographers Larry Fink and Sarah Moon and artist Paolo Ventura, as well as a collective display of images by the likes of Aldo Fallai, Kurt and Weston Markus, Tom Munro, David Sims and Richard Phibbs.