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FINK TWICE: The sleek and minimalist Armani/Silos space emphasized Larry Fink’s beautiful and striking black-and-white photos, displayed as part of the exhibition “The Beats and The Vanities, Larry Fink,” running until the end of July. “This gave me the opportunity to glance at a world that was distant from mine, not so perfect and not part of me,” said Giorgio Armani at the opening event on Tuesday, carefully observing the images. “It allowed me to come out of my rigorous, perfectionist world, but then you see that the poses, the lights, the cut of the photos seem studied inch by inch. Each take is the perfect choice.”

The exhibit comprises 125 original black-and-white photographs, of which 54 are from Fink’s book “The Beats,” chronicling his hitchhiking trip through America in the late Fifties. The other 71 are from “The Vanities,” his portfolio of images interpreting Vanity Fair’s Oscar parties and Hollywood events in the 2000 to 2009 period. This is the first time they are all displayed together.

Armani was upbeat about the potential of the Silos, which can also become a source of inspiration. “I always said that I wanted to hold events here beyond fashion. Milan needs to be alive, and this fuels an exchange between the city and me,” the designer said.

“The Beats and The Vanities, Larry Fink” follows the photo exhibition called “Emotions of the Athletic Body,” unveiled in September during Milan Fashion Week, displaying images by the likes of Aldo Fallai, Kurt and Weston Markus, Tom Munro, David Sims and Richard Phibbs.

The Silos space was unveiled in April 2015. Armani said he didn’t like to refer to the space as a museum.

Armani is keeping busy as next week, on April 3, during the international design and furniture trade show Salone del Mobile, he will unveil the new Casa store and the brand’s latest home collection. The space will open in the former De Padova space — a pillar in the history of the city’s design — and be located in Milan’s central Corso Venezia. Armani Casa was launched 16 years ago. Since 2003, the Armani/Casa Interior Design Studio has provided complete interior design services to private individuals and property developers.

The Maçka Residences in Istanbul; The World Towers in Mumbai, and the Century Spire in Manila are among the Armani/Casa Interior Design Studio’s most recent projects.

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