Givenchy’s new Horizon series of bags and wallets in pink

Riccardo Tisci is launching a new line of basics for Givenchy, and the collection will first be available exclusively at the iconic Isetan department store in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district.

From Sept. 7 through 13, Givenchy Essentials will be sold at both the main Isetan store and the neighboring men’s building. In the main building, the red-tiled event space will form the background for the women’s Essentials collection, the key colors of which will be black, white and pastel pink. The pop-up will carry various sizes and colors of Givenchy’s new Horizon series of bags and wallets (62,640 to 248,400 yen, or about $557 to $2,208) for a total of over 30 variations, including a pink series that won’t be available anywhere else in the world.

Several men’s items will also be exclusive to Isetan, such as a floral print backpack (153,360 yen, or $1,363) and a black leather pouch emblazoned with “I feel love Japan” in bright red (102,600 yen, or $912). Black accessories adorned with red stars round out the men’s leather goods selection.

Clothing options offered by Givenchy Essentials will include straight-leg trousers, shirts and blouses, jackets, and skirts for women and shorts for men. Prices will range from 64,800 yen, or $576, for a pair of black men’s leggings, to 421,200 yen, or about $3,745, for a printed women’s jacket.