NOW AND THEN: Berlin Film Festival co-partner Glashütte Original has added another movement to its Berlinale sponsorship activities. Besides donating the “Made in Germany” award, a 15,000 euro, or $20,250, fellowship to a young German director in the festival’s Perspektive Deutsches Kino section, the Saxony-based German watch brand is now also supporting the retrospective.


This year’s “Aesthetics of Shadow” program presents 40 silent and feature films from Japan, the U.S. and Europe. Spanning Cecil B. DeMille’s “The Cheat” of 1915 to Akira Kurosawa’s 1950 classic, “Rashomon,” they illustrate an expressive use of lighting in a variety of styles and in different genres. This is the second retrospective co-curated with the Museum of Modern Art in New York, which will screen the films there in April. An exhibit of photographs from the Deutsche Kinomathek, “Light and Shadow. On the Film Set of the Weimar Republic,” now on view at the Museum for Film and Television at Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz, will accompany the retrospective on its spring transatlantic journey.

As for Glashütte’s Berlinale engagement, the 165 year old company said it sees parallels between watchmaking and movie making, such as the quest for perfection and degree of craftsmanship. With an eye to the future, Glashütte trains 28 young men and women in its in-house apprenticeship program, and it is these young watchmakers who, in turn, build the brand’s “Made in Germany” award trophy presented in Berlin each year.

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