A T-shirt in the Michael Stars x Gloria Steinem collection.

Michael Stars said Wednesday it is collaborating with Gloria Steinem on a collection of limited-edition Ts, masks and scrunchies to inspire conversation and action during this crucial election year.

The T-shirts will be available starting today on michaelstars.com, and $50,000 of sales will benefit three nonprofit organizations led by women of color, working to increase voter registration and turnout: Black Voters Matter, Voto Latino and March On.

Gloria Steinem and Suzanne Lerner  courtesy shot.

“Through the campaign, we’ve created a coalition of organizations that represent the growing power that women of color bring to this year’s elections — particularly the emerging new generation of voters. For too long, these communities have been underrepresented and we support the drive to register people of color and to secure the right to vote safely and fairly, by mail or in person. We are especially honored to have Gloria Steinem stand with us in this effort, as a tireless champion for gender and racial equality,” said Suzanne Lerner, cofounder and president of Michael Stars.

Steinem added, “The voting booth is the one place where everyone is equal, so democracy must start there. We are partnering with Suzanne Lerner and Michael Stars to offer a series of custom Ts, the sales of which will benefit the work of these crucial organizations. Thanks to Suzanne Lerner, we will wear our hearts on our sleeves, and our beliefs over our hearts.”

A T-shirt in the Michael Stars x Gloria Steinem capsule  courtesy shot.

The Michael Stars x Gloria Steinem capsule features the long-sleeved T in black retailing for $58 and the short-sleeve version in white and black retailing for $48, all of which have an iconic embroidered portrait of Steinem on the upper left side. There will also be a one-of-a-kind scrunchie, retailing for $12, and face mask, retailing for $19 with a patterned screen print of Steinem offered in black and white. The capsule features the hashtag #TheTeeInVOTE.