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To hear “Glow” costume designer Beth Morgan tell it, she’s been an Etsy addict these past three years, sourcing 70 percent of the vintage Eighties apparel and accessories on the site, for her show’s gorgeous ladies of wrestling, including Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin and Kate Nash.

Belts are among the items that excite fashion-loving fans of the show the most, so much so that Morgan has launched her own collection of statement cinchers, called Pattern Attack.

“I felt like there was a really a hole in the marketplace…I would get these amazing vintage belts and use them on the show, but if you try to order one new, all you can find is something with a Gucci logo or a very standard belt. I wanted to fill that hole,” Morgan said Saturday night during a costume design event at L.A.’s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, where she was wearing her label’s green alligator belt with gold-plated dual lion head and malachite stone, with jeans and a vintage Versace blouse.

“They are all hand-molded, we sketch them, and they are made in L.A. in a very old Hollywood way. I want to give everyone that touch that elevates an outfit,” she said of the range of five styles, $230 to $730, which include belts with chunky gold snake, stylized bow, and filigreed vine buckles, and a wide “Champion” style with gold studding and medallions, worthy of the wrestling ring. “I was looking to make statement pieces you’d have in your closet forever,” she added.

Pattern Attack is available on Morgan’s web site, and her sales rep will be in New York selling the line through Feb. 14. The belts will also get some screen time soon. “I will use them on season four, I’m prepping right now,” she said of the next and final season of the Netflix show. “Costume designers have been really receptive to the product, and the belts will be on a lot of other shows around town, too. Together, we all have a great reach.”

Pattern Attack lion belt

A Pattern Attack lion belt.  Courtesy


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