Gucci Beauty L.A. pop up

Dani Miller’s beaming smile — her red lips and beautifully imperfect teeth — is on prominent display around the world these days.

“My mouth is on the side of every building,” said the Surfbort frontwoman and face of Gucci Beauty. “All over, in Milan, London, New York.”

In Los Angeles, too, and in fact the image was plastered steps away on the corner of 8175 Melrose Avenue, where Gucci is celebrating its $35 “Mascara L’Obscur” (also modeled by Miller), the newest release following last year’s lipstick line debut, with a two-day pop-up instillation on March 6 and 7 in partnership with Sephora.

She was “shocked” first seeing the ad Miller shared at the VIP opening on Thursday evening. “But now, I’m seeing it like a freak flag, reminding everyone to love themselves how they are. Things that could be considered a flaw are actually what makes you unique and special and rad.”

Thomas de Kluyver, Dani Miller

Thomas de Kluyver and Dani Miller  Courtesy of Gucci

How does it feel being a muse for creative director Alessandro Michele?

“I think Alessandro liked the raw, crazy, ‘I don’t give a f–k, be yourself’ vibes that I have with my band,” she shared. “He recognized that and that’s how he is. He wants other people to love themselves and be free. We connected on that and inspired each other. Coming into this, I wasn’t that familiar with luxury brands that much. I didn’t work with them and didn’t know how it’d be, but it’s a family. It’s so cool that they support artists and let you be yourself.”

While Michele was MIA at the event — which turned into a dance party and brought out Beck, Diana Gordon, Zoë Bleu Sidel and Kilo Kish — Gucci’s London-based global makeup artist Thomas de Kluyver was in town for the launch.

“What Gucci does so well is twisting together the old and new,” said de Kluyver. The pop-up, worth a visit, is a step inside the world of Michele with Instagram-worthy moments at every turn. “Walking in here, you’ve got this beautiful almost boudoir feeling, the screens playing the new campaign, a secret room where you can go and get pictures. It’s this beautiful boudoir maze.”

Gucci Beauty is about inclusivity, he said, adding that the brand plans to release more products: “It’s for everyone, and a lot of the products are multi-use. The new mascara has a super creamy formula, so it’s really flexible. You can use it to do a natural eyelash or a really bold, strong lash. Or you can go really hardcore punk like Dani does, where she just paints it on with the tip of the brush. With the lipsticks we launched last year, you can use them on both the lips or the cheeks. We also have shades you can use on the eyes.

“All the colors are for everyone,” he continued. “It’s all about using makeup as a form of self-expression, pushing your own identity, blurring the lines of gender.”

Gucci Beauty

Gucci Beauty’s lipstick ad.  Courtesy of Gucci

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