Gucci Pre-Fall 2017

NOT HAPPENING: Following media reports that Greek authorities had denied Gucci permission to stage a runway show at the Parthenon, the Italian luxury group said Wednesday that it “strongly denies” the speculation.

In particular, it took issue with the Italian La Repubblica online article that reported “information published in certain Greek media” relating to a sum of 56 million euros, or $59.3 million at current exchange, that Gucci “supposedly offered for a cultural collaboration relating to projects in the area of the Acropolis.”

“We confirm that a meeting took place with the Greek authorities to explore the possibility of a long-term cultural collaboration,” said a Gucci spokesperson. “This type of initiative is not new for our brand; in recent years, Gucci has established such cultural collaborations with Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, the Mingsheng Museum in Shanghai, Chatsworth House in England and LACMA in Los Angeles. The published speculation regarding the supposed economic proposal, direct or indirect, is absolutely incorrect and without any foundation. The information reported by and some other Greek web sites was not verified in any way with us.”

La Repubblica highlighted the alleged refusal despite the Greek economic crisis, and said that Gucci had offered 2 million euros, or $2.1 million, to restore the Athenian Acropolis in exchange for permission to hold a runway show in front of the Parthenon.

According to the web site Keep Talking Greece, the members of the Central Archaeological Council said, “The particular cultural character of Acropolis’ monuments is inconsistent with this event, as they are unique monuments and world heritage symbols, and UNESCO’s world heritage monuments.”

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