Lu Lan stars in Gucci's 520 campaign for China.

LONDON — Gucci is launching a series of digital campaigns targeting the 520 Chinese Valentine’s Day, as 520 sounds like “I Love You” in Mandarin.

Brand ambassadors Chris Lee and Ni Ni will join popular idol Lu Han and Song Yanfei, and four other friends of the house to spotlight GG monogram outdoor, a timely setting for post-coronavirus China, as people begin to go out and travel again.

The campaign will be gradually rolled out on major Chinese social platforms, including Weibo, WeChat, Shipinhao, Xiaohongshu and TikTok. Each platform will have slightly different visuals and tone of voice to drive engagement. Dionysus, 1955 Horsebit, GG Marmont and Ophidia are key items in this campaign.

On Weibo, celebrities will share their encounter with the brand in a radio show format, while WeChat content focuses on the connection between the GG monogram and the idea of love. Readers will be able to participate by sharing their own stories. Gucci’s TikTok videos will be more Gen-Z friendly. The brand launched on TikTok’s China edition last week and has become one of the most followed luxury brands on the platform.

Lu Lan stars in Gucci's 520 campaign for China.

Lu Lan stars in Gucci’s 520 campaign for China.  Courtesy Photo

Lu Han’s 520 campaign, first published on Thursday evening on Weibo, received 217,000 shares, 270,700 likes and more than 50,000 comments within hours. He wore a white sweater, with khaki jacket and trousers, a checked fisherman hat and a square shape bag from the Gucci GT collection.

Brands are investing heavily in the Chinese Valentine’s Day as the country recovers steadily from the COVID-19 outbreak. Prada tapped Cai Xukun for its 520 Mathematics of Love campaign, and Louis Vuitton is working with China’s top livestreamer, Austin Li, to promote its fragrance collection on Xiaohongshu, as well as releasing a dedicated campaign next week.

Gucci's 520 campaign for China.

Gucci’s 520 campaign for China.  Courtesy Photo