Gucci pre-fall 2017 ad campaign auditions' teases.

Gucci’s upcoming campaign seems to involve spirit animals and a lot of dancing. Last week the fashion house released nine short videos of young men and women during a casting in London to appear in the label’s new pre-fall 2017 ad campaign.

Aged 19 to 23, the protagonists of the clips are asked different questions, including “what’s your spirit animal?” and “what does it mean to have a soul?” before showing their dancing skills on Duke Browner’s track “Crying Over You.”


While the answers are all different and peculiar, listing elephants, bulls, tigers and baby giraffes as spirit animals and highlighting how having a soul means “to be you in the purest form,” the nine modeling newcomers all share the trait of being people of color, which may hint at a pre-fall campaign celebrating diversity.


The tease has already sparked a strong social media reaction, dividing the audience into supporters of the concept, who find it fun and inspiring, and into those who consider the choice of casting exclusively people of color not diverse enough.