Gucci in-app AR tool allows users to virtually try the Ace sneakers on.

PUT YOUR SHOES ON: Gucci on Wednesday unveiled a new AR-based technology that allows customers to virtually try its Ace sneakers on.

Developed in partnership with Belarus-based tech start-up company Wannaby, the service is available through Gucci’s iOS mobile application.

Upon entering the interface, users can select their favorite pair of Ace sneakers, available in a range of styles spanning from plain white to logoed or embellished with pearls, and virtually place a 3-D model on their feet. In addition, Gucci said the tool will allow users to discover and try on designs that are yet to be released.

Linked to Gucci’s online shop, customers can instantly buy their favorite style or snap a picture to post on social media. Marking the launch of the tool, Gucci’s app will feature stickers and wallpapers dedicated to the project.

As of late, the Italian luxury house has been implementing a range of consumer-facing AR tools, especially conceived to enhance its clients’ in-store shopping experience. Last year, as part of its “Do It Yourself” service dedicated to the Ace sneakers, the Ophidia tote bag and select knitwear and women’s outerwear and tailored pieces, Gucci equipped a number of its stores with a tool enabling customers to point an iPad or an iPhone’s camera at a real product available in store, customize the item and see it in a real-world setting.

The new AR project comes a few days after Gucci announced it is hosting the first European Innovation Festival, staged by Fast Co. Held between Milan and Florence July 9 to 11, “The Dawn of Superintelligence” will spotlight technological advancement and artificial intelligence and the potential for collaboration between man and machine.

The Milan portion of the event will be held at the Gucci Hub, at the company’s restored headquarters on Via Mecenate. During the festival’s Florence leg, on the last day, the luxury house will offer a select group of attendees a tour of the Gucci ArtLab industrial complex inaugurated last year, and of Gucci 9, a center of innovation exploring the best ways to optimize the remote client experience.

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