SEE THROUGH: Transparency is all the rage these days and Guess Inc. wants in on a piece of the action.

The company on Wednesday releases its second-ever sustainability report, detailing strides made on the green front and efforts it expects to take going forward. The Los Angeles-based denim firm first released a sustainability report in 2015, with the company following that up with more formal approaches to being green.

The moves are in line with broader industry action around transparency in supply chains and reducing carbon footprints, with companies such as Los Angeles-based Reformation and Everlane of San Francisco building significant followings and brands around such philosophies.

“Through my experience leading this truly global company, I see one constant across borders: people, particularly the younger generation, are deeply concerned about the future of this planet,” Guess chief executive officer Victor Herrero said.

As such, the ceo went on to say that at Guess “we aim to embrace existing solutions as well as to try new ones to address the social and environmental challenges of our time.”

Guess said its overall carbon dioxide equivalent, a unit of measure that encompasses all types of greenhouse gas emissions, declined 2 percent between its fiscal year ended in January 2016 and the 12 months ended in January 2017.

The company, more broadly, said in the current report it aims to provide education, be more transparent about its supply chain, expand a denim recycling program and create a water management action plan with specifics expected to be released in 2018.

Guess also said in its report that it plans to cut back its scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions per square foot, setting a deadline to reach that goal by 2021. Scope references where different greenhouse gas emissions originate with scope 1, or direct emissions, coming from activities such as transportation or chemical processing. Scope 2, or indirect, references emissions resulting from the import of electricity, heat or steam.

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