Kendrick Sampson in Ted Baker London

At Ted Baker London’s dinner at the Chateau Marmont on Wednesday night, guests accepted the mission of becoming agents for T.E.D. In “Mission Impeccable,” the Guy Ritchie-produced short film that screened before the family-style meal of organic salmon, roasted chicken and sweet corn succotash. T.E.D. is the mysterious leader of a namesake agency charged with averting couture catastrophe.

Kendrick Sampson took on the additional role as an agent of social activism. An alumnus of “How to Get Away With Murder” and “The Vampire Diaries,” Sampson has been immersing himself in causes such as Bernie Sanders’ Our Revolution, Black Lives Matter and the North Dakota Pipeline protest when not prepping for a secretive TV role that he’ll start filming soon in Vancouver, Canada. At 28, he admires celebrities-turned-activists such as Brad Pitt, Yara Shahidi, Mark Ruffalo and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. “We need to be in the forefront of this,” he said, “so we can inherit a healthy earth and a healthy society.”

For Guillermo Diaz, who is known for his role as computer-savvy assassin Huck on “Scandal,” his admiration was channeled toward another agent provocateur: Madonna. Inked with a portrait of the singer on the underside of his upper right arm, he whooped when a Ted Baker representative mentioned that Madonna’s ex-husband was the executive producer of its film. As Shane West, Laura Vandervoort and other guests stood in anticipation of the start of the stylish spy caper, which was directed by Crowns and Owls and featured a cameo by Ted Baker chief executive officer Ray Kelvin, who happens to be friends with Ritchie, Diaz whispered, “Is Madonna in the film?”

Diaz confessed to having attended 10 of Madonna’s concerts. While he couldn’t envision Huck sporting a dapper wardrobe by Ted Baker (“Huck wears a lot of flannel and denim and black leather boots,” he explained), he was open to displaying his tattoo tribute on “Scandal.” “You never know — Huck could be a Madonna fan,” he said.

Diaz will have some time to plan the big reveal when “Scandal” goes on hiatus for three months in October to allow headlining star Kerry Washington to go on maternity leave for the birth of her second child. He recently finished a thriller called “Warning Shot,” in which he portrayed a hired gun. Before “Scandal” resumes filming in January to complete its curtailed season of 16 episodes, he hopes to snag a role in a film, preferably a scary one. “That’s my genre of choice — horror,” he said. You never know: “Terror Baker” could be the next big hit.