Amazon Echo

Online subscription rental service Gwynnie Bee is partnering with Amazon Alexa to offer an immersive voice-adventure unboxing experience that allows users to interact with and discover the size-inclusive Web site.

Alexa’s advanced capabilities combined with Gwynnie Bee’s ability to merge technology and fashion into an everyday clothing rental model has produced a strategic partnership that brings the e-retailer to life in unexpected ways.

With the partnership, Gwynnie Bee is pioneering the use of voice technology to extend the interactions members have with the brand as they open their boxes and try on their selected styles.

The user becomes the main character in her adventure, where every scenario demonstrates how Gwynnie Bee styles can be put to use — and sometimes, even save the day. In a demo for the program, a member opens her box and says, “Hey, Alexa, ask Gwynnie Bee to unlock my weekday adventure.” Alexa narrates the woman’s upcoming work day, which includes an intern bumping into her, causing her to spill coffee on her Gwynnie Bee dress. “The good news is that Gwynnie Bee pays for dry cleaning,” Alexa says.

“For the first time with Alexa, we can have a tailored conversation with our members while a piece of clothing is in their hand, bridging the gap between the digital experience with the brand and the physical experience of the garment,” said Jessica Dvorett, vice president of merchandising and brand at Gwynnie Bee. “The choose-your-own-adventure, story-telling tool enables us to connect with every member in a highly personalized way and deepen her emotional connection to us and her new unlimited wardrobe.”