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Haider Ackermann and Stefano Tonchi hosted an elegant soirée on Friday night to celebrate the opening of Berluti’s new Beverly Hills store. After cocktails in the boutique, a larger crowd headed up the hill to Eugenio Lopez’s art-filled bachelor pad for more drinks and a passed dinner.

Very few guests seemed to notice that it was Emmy weekend, as it was a more art-oriented crowd that included Alex Israel, China Chow, Alex Dellal, Angelique Soave, Ben Robson, Brandon Thomas Lee, Cameron Silver, Carlos Eric Lopez, Christian Louboutin, Djuna Bel, Elisa Sednaoui, Eric Buterbaugh, Gela Nash-Taylor, Gladys Tamez, Greg Chait, Katherine Ross, Kelly Lynch, Maye Musk, Mitch Glazer, Nicolas Ghesquière, Nicolas Fouquet, Olivier Zahm, Rachel Zoe, Rosson Crow, Samantha Traina, Sasha Grey, Shaun Regen, Shiva Rose, Simon Haas and Wolfgang Puck.

“I try to time our events to the beginning of the weekend when people are more relaxed,” said Tonchi. “If I had my way, W would just have a house in L.A. and a loft in New York. No offices, no overhead, a bunch of freelancers.” With all the recent changes at Condé Nast, perhaps his vision has a chance of becoming a reality.

Ackermann, meanwhile, was enjoying the change of scenery, though he will soon return to Paris to prepare for his women’s show in two weeks. “There is an escape of freedom here and that sense of escape is beautiful. You just feel like being the little observer in the corner and watching everything happening in front of you,” he said.

Of entering the world of men’s wear with Berluti, he noted, “Men’s wear has always been a sort of accident of mine but men’s is becoming my world, and I feel really in touch with that. Look around, you have Mark Mahoney who is one of the most elegant men in the world, and he’s here,” he said of the tattoo artist. All around, there were models and women wearing Berluti fresh off the runway, but it seemed more natural than costume-y. “It’s that sense of reality and the fact that you can be whomever you want to be. They make it their own and that is the most important thing. That’s what it should be about and that’s what L.A. is about for me,” he said.

Lou Doillon looked particularly at home in a white Berluti suit, perched on a stool as she played a guitar and sang a few songs dedicated to her friend Ackermann. “I’m happy to be here tonight and to celebrate my friend,” she said.