When the models for Hale Bob walked down the runway Thursday evening at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, they wore looks from the summer collection and sported a new business model for the brand.

“Everything goes so fast. The consumer changes [her] way [of buying] and whatever you see today, you want,” said Hale Bob designer Daniel Bohbot.

The evening’s presentation — being marketed as pieces for the upcoming Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival — is the start of a shift in how Bohbot plans to design each year.

“Buy-now-wear-now is what’s going on,” Bohbot said. “Whatever we are going to present is available to buy the same day so you go online and you will be able to get the latest.”

The change in how Bohbot is designing and presenting his collections is also backed by a shift Bohbot has seen in his business, specifically as more of his customers buy online and less in store. The designer’s door on Robertson Boulevard was shuttered late last year due to what he cited as a lack of foot traffic on the street. The company is shopping for new real estate still in Los Angeles, but that doesn’t change the fact that sales are online, Bohbot pointed out. Roughly 70 percent of Hale Bob’s online sales are coming from the U.S., mostly out of Los Angeles, New York and Miami. Europe accounts for the brand’s remaining online business.

The company counts six stores, most of which are in Mexico and one in Spain.