BOHO VIBES: Guests sipped cocktails and meandered through the airy residence of Daniel Bohbot Thursday evening.

The designer showed the spring and summer collections for his Hale Bob and Liberty Garden labels at his home in Beverly Hills, of which he just recently took up residence. The combined events — a new collections and a new home — seemed worthy of a celebration.

“It’s good now that I am moved into my new house,” Bohbot told WWD ahead of the fashion show. “I want to celebrate with all my friends.”

Bohbot’s two lines, Hale Bob and the younger brand Liberty Garden both drew inspiration from Seventies boho chic for spring and summer, Bohbot said. Hale Bob featured the ethnic and specialty prints the line has come to be known for. Meanwhile the Liberty Garden collection didn’t stray from its use of natural fibers and faux leathers.

“In general business is very good because it’s a niche,” Bohbot said of Hale Bob. “We have this woman who has been following us now for more than 10 years so we really have a connection between us and the consumer.”

Liberty Garden, aimed at 20- to 35-year-olds, has done well since its debut about a year ago and is growing at a rapid clip, he added.

Bohbot showed his collection as other events surrounding L.A. Fashion Week continue at a time when Los Angeles appears to be having its moment among the fashion set. Whether the buzz sticks remains to be seen.

Bohbot pointed to the healthy lifestyle ingrained in L.A. culture that’s now picking up steam elsewhere in the world as part of what’s helped the local market gain notoriety.

“Today everybody’s all about the sport,” he said, “and there is this cool lifestyle in L.A. and now [it’s] big in New York and Europe. But it started in L.A. so there is this recognition.”


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