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HALSTON PLUS WARHOL: The Andy Warhol Museum will kick off its 20th anniversary celebration with “Halston and Warhol: Silver and Suede,” an exhibition that explores how the two friends influenced 20th century art and fashion. Organized by the museum and Halston’s niece Lesley Frowick, the show bows May 18 and will feature 40 of the designer’s dresses, hats (including a 1961 creation for Jacqueline Kennedy) and other accessories, as well as Warhol’s photography, videos and paintings. It will also examine their interconnected lives and how each approached the creative process.

In addition to palling around with Warhol at Studio 54, Halston was portrayed in some of Warhol’s work. He also collected the Pop artist’s work, which he displayed in his East 63rd Street townhouse and he rented Warhol’s Montauk retreat. Warhol, in turn, dedicated a chapter of his 1979 book “Andy Warhol’s Exposures” to Halston, describing him as the “first All-American fashion designer.”

The exhibition will include about 40 of Halston’s creations including an iconic pillbox hat designed for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in 1961, and his signature Ultrasuede shirt dress, juxtaposed with Warhol’s paintings, photographs, and videos.

The show will have archival material and ephemera from The Warhol Museum and Frowick’s personal collection. Frowick said, “What a privilege it was to have seen Andy and my uncle together; Andy’s birthday weekend at Montauk, nights out on the town; quiet dinners at home. This exhibition is an endearing insider’s homage to friendship, Pop art and fashion. “

“My uncle left an indelible mark on fashion history and gave me the best seat in the house to watch the show,” she continued. “I will always remember what a determined, generous, funny, and expansive person he was. He put forth his best effort to make the world, and especially the people of his inner circle, as beautiful and comfortable as he could.”