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BRAND BUILDING: Danish eyewear and fashion label Han Kjobenhavn threw a party Friday night in Paris to celebrate its first store opening in France.

“It’s the third leg of the stool,” said Tim Hancock, one of the brand’s co-founders, who explained the other two legs are New York and Copenhagen, where the first Han Kjobenhavn store opened.

The new boutique in the Marais district had a soft opening two weeks ago, but the party was to celebrate its real debut.

The 1,110-square-foot location has a minimalist Danish design aesthetic, with a predominance of grays and whites, and materials such as brick, wood and perforated steel.

“We wanted to create a room where you feel at home,” said Hancock. “We tried to make sure it reflects who we are as a brand without yelling too loud.”

Jannik Wikkelso Davidsen, the other co-founder, said they just fell for the location.

“It’s such a beautiful space, with high ceilings,” he said.