Rocky Barnes, Kelsey White, Mary Alice Haney

Stylist-turned-designer Mary Alice Haney celebrated her new red-carpet capsule collection with Intermix in Los Angeles on Wednesday night, using her new Brentwood home as party venue and backdrop for shots of plenty of influencers wearing her clothes, Rocky Barnes, Jordana Brewster, Emmanuelle Chriqui and Marlien Rentmeester among them.

“The girl that is at Intermix is a Haney girl. She’s fashion-forward, she wants to party and loves a good party dress,” said the designer, who grew up in Chattanooga, Tenn., and got her start at magazines, then as a Hollywood stylist for A-listers such as Reese Witherspoon, Blake Lively and Sarah Jessica Parker.

“Tonight, we wanted to celebrate the L.A. influencers who are setting the pace for the fashion community,” added Haney, whose sparkling home, designed with Tim Clarke, has its own bar, which was serving up tequila and Champagne cocktails. (“My husband told me not to open the good stuff, but I didn’t pay attention,” joked Haney.)

“It was built in the Eighties and we’ve been renovating it for two years,” she said of the indoor-outdoor space, which has an interior garden, and houses her studio, complete with the Beverly Hills Hotel’s banana-leaf wallpaper.

Jordana Brewster, Katie Bofshever, Emmanuelle Chriqui

Jordana Brewster, Katie Bofshever and Emmanuelle Chriqui.  Marc Patrick/

“It’s so easy and glam,” said Bonnie Abrams, Intermix vice president of creative and brand marketing of the dinner soiree, where guests took breaks to be Instagrammed poolside wearing Haney’s sexy jumpsuits and curve-hugging cocktail dresses. “This is the first time we’ve partnered with one of our brands for awards season. We’ve always been involved, because we work with a lot of stylists doing red-carpet styling for after parties and other events. But we wanted to find the right partner and the right partner is Haney. The brand does really well for us. Even if our customers aren’t participating in awards season, they get inspired by it.”

Haney, whose capsule collection is being featured on, and showcased in the windows of the Beverly Hills Intermix store, agrees that awards season energizes the whole fashion industry.

“I’ve been on both sides of it, and it’s like Christmas on both sides. As a stylist, you are so invested and thinking strategically, and as a designer you are trying to put your best foot forward. Every single time someone wears my clothes, from Reese whom I know and love, to someone I don’t know as well, I am excited.”

Rocky Barnes, Mary Alice Haney, Kelsey White

Rocky Barnes, Mary Alice Haney and Kelsey White.  Marc Patrick/