Hannah Godwin in the new Kensie campaign.

ABC’s “Bachelor in Paradise” is all about the drama, but the reality show’s Hannah Godwin has a more direct message in Kensie’s fall campaign.

In an interview Tuesday, the 24-year-old talked about the brand’s “#Make Pretty Powerful” marketing initiative, but she wasn’t about to reveal anything about the show.

Godwin edged into modeling as a high schooler, going on to appear in print ads, catalogues, e-commerce sites, music videos and commercials, particularly in the Southeast and on the West Coast. Photography is another pursuit. Having bought Kensie as a teenager, she said, “They have very cute clothes, which made me pick up their things. It’s good quality. You can rewear a lot of the stuff, which I really love. I will keep them in my closet for a year and just rewear them a bunch of different ways.”

Dove Shore photographed the campaign in Beverly Hills in what the reality star described as “a magical dollhouse.” But one that was free from any sign of Dylan Barbour, Blake Horstmann or any of Godwin’s other televised admirers. In addition to the abundance of bikinis and cut-off shorts that Godwin wore for “BIP,” she also wore a few tanks. “It was so hot there. I mean the less clothing, the better,” Godwin said.

With $300 million in retail sales, Kensie is launching the campaign with an overhauled e-commerce site, according to Ralph Gindi, chief operating officer of parent company Bluestar Alliance. The re-branding was done through a strategic partnership with Alphagility. Godwin’s high engagement level with her social media followers was one reason she was selected for the fall season. She appears front-and-center on the contemporary sportswear label’s homepage and any looks she wears in future BIP episodes will be flagged accordingly. Kensie will be playing up pre and post-purchase interaction with shoppers. Styling suggestions are offered to online shoppers similar to “what they used to get when they would walk a retail sales floor,” Gindi said. “We’re trying to regain as much as we can the interaction that would get with a salesperson on the floor or if you just liked window-shopping.”

Her own style is “practical, a little bit edgy and flirty,” Godwin said. As for how much her appearance weighs into her success, Godwin said, “Being confident in yourself is something that I really try to hold onto and something that I struggle with daily, especially being in the spotlight right now. But if you just believe in yourself, that’s where you can find your own version of success.”

“BIP” fans can find her at Macy’s Herald Square flagship next month for a special appearance. The #MakePrettyPowerful campaign aligns with her aim “to make some type of difference or impact,” she said. “A year ago I was in such a different spot. I’m just exploring this whole new life and trying to grasp any opportunities that I can. Trying to inspire people is something that I am really trying to home in on right now.”

Next month’s fashion week is not in the cards for her, but that is “definitely” on her bucket list. “I love all of the brands — obviously the big dogs like Chanel, Gucci and everything. The cool thing about fashion week is getting a peek into what’s about to come in the next few months,” she said.

Kensie wants to tap into her social media engagement level and intergenerational appeal, according to Maria Dolgetta, cofounder of Creative Playground, the New York agency that created the campaign. This summer’s premiere scored a 1.3 rating for adults aged 18 to 49 and 4.37 million viewers, which was ahead of last season’s premiere. Dolgetta said, “It is the same girl. The Kensie girl is the Hannah and ‘Bachelor’ franchise fan,” she said. “We really thought it was a great way to reignite the e-commerce.”

Very much on message, Godwin said she is excited to work with a brand that represents what I stand for, which is making pretty powerful. She said she is intent on “really lifting people up, especially in this day and age when it is so easy to judge.”

As for whether Godwin has been unfairly judged, she said, “It’s always good to just stay in your own lane and just trust yourself. That’s what my mom always told me — just be myself truly and love myself. That will in turn, hopefully, let others love you, too.”

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