ARTISTIC PURSUITS: When not at work in Timo Weiland’s new Madison Square Park offices, the company’s namesake, Alan Eckstein and Donna Kang deejay at least once a week. At Monday’s Woolmark cocktail party cohosted by Harper’s Bazaar at the Hearst Tower, the trio talked about how music plays into everything they do. Weiland said, “We deejay on the side so there is always this ongoing thread of music to the line. It affect the entire attitude of the line.”

Orange Juice and The Drowners are two bands that are at the top of their play list. The Drowners’ front man Matt Hitt was one of the first models for Timo Weiland and he remains a muse. But no matter how entranced the triumvirate might become in the tunes, they try to keep a curfew. “The first thing we always talk about is there will be no 4 a.m.s,” Eckstein said. “One a.m. is the cap for us. If you leave at 1 a.m. and get to bed by 2, that’s pretty normal for life.”

Weiland wasn’t the only nominee talking about the influence of the arts. Misha Nonoo, who designs the Nonoo label, said she is looking to do artist collaborations. She is well-versed in the contemporary art world, due partially to the fact that her husband is Alexander Gilkes, cofounder of Paddle 8. “A lot of my inspiration comes from other forms of art and design whether it’s furniture, paintings or whatever,” she said.

Another contender for the women’s wear Woolmark award, Whit’s Whitney Pozgay, also is influenced by an arts-minded husband, Parker Argote. Trained as a classic portrait painter — his late grandfather John Clay Parker was well known in New Orleans circles as a portrait painter, Argote still does the occasional painting on the side but is dedicated full-time to his wife’s business. With the competition’s judging looming and prints in need of finessing, they are all in total work mode. “Starting this weekend, we may need a few rules — OK, no more going out until this is done,” Pozgay said.

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