BRITISH TALES: Harrods has teamed with Burberry on a partnership that includes a series of holiday initiatives titled “A Very British Fairy Tale.”

The activities, which kick off in November, will see the windows of the Brompton store decorated in an imaginative snowy landscape. The showcase follows two children who travel to an English country house and features flying cars, floating bathtubs and secret trails.

The label will also design an exclusive capsule collection of ready-to-wear, accessories and gifts. The brand will mount craftsmanship and personalization stations at the store, where shoppers can view artisans monogramming Burberry merchandise. In addition, dishes from Thomas’ café will be available for purchase at the food halls. The Harrods Christmas tree will also be designed by Burberry and will be placed in the grand entrance of the store.

The retailer and brand have partnered in the past on a men’s wear range in 2015.

In May, the company unveiled a major new strategic plan, with the aim of fine-tuning its merchandise offer and tightening its relationships with wholesale partners, although three-quarters of Burberry’s sales now take place in its own-brand stores.

As high-spending tourists dwindle in Europe and the U.S., Burberry plans to cultivate the local consumer with a “elevated and more personalized service,” and improving customer loyalty. It also plans to focus on “a handful of key cities globally” where Burberry sees a concentration of wealth.

In a bid to ramp up its digital sales and omnichannel abilities, Burberry will also make it easier for customers to shuffle between its site and other retailers’ sites and is trying out a “reserve-in-store” function online so that customers can pre-purchase goods at Heathrow before taking a trip.