NEW LOOK: The Hayden-Harnett bag line has been put on hold by its licensee AHQ, in favor of a new vegan brand, Hayden by Hayden-Harnett.

The line, slated to launch for spring, will enter its first market this August. It will be priced at retail from $78 to $168.

The brand says that its materials are “PETA-approved vegan leather.” As part of its partnership, AHQ will design, distribute and manufacture the line. Merchandise will come sutured with a PETA-approved logo, to register immediate response in the retail environment. AHQ purchased Hayden-Harnett in 2012.

Tracy Reiman, executive vice president of PETA said in a statement: “Companies using the logo know that demand for animal-free materials is on the rise and that consumers are looking for ways to help animals — and there is no better way than to buy a product for which no animals had to suffer.”

AHQ’s vice president Charles Chehebar said of the launch in a statement: “As the industry continues to remain saturated with many designer brands with a similar style we felt that the launch of Hayden by Hayden-Harnett couldn’t have come at a better time…This new collection will fill the white space in the market as we see that women today are dressing more casually and are searching for that special piece they can carry from day to night and still look exquisite.”