#Heineken100 x Union

The #Heineken100 capsule collection has returned.

This year, the brand has collaborated with Union, a retailer based in Los Angeles that’s owned by Chris Gibbs.

The collection, which is called “Green Collar” includes workwear pieces ranging from a chore coat, a chino pant, a pullover hooded sweatshirt, a T-shirt, hat and a pair of Pro-Ked sneakers. The line retails from $55 to $380.

“As former creative director for #Heineken100 program, I understand the importance of the Heineken ‘Open Your World’ motto as Union has helped to create a runway for many Japanese streetwear brands to have a marketplace in the U.S.,” Gibbs said. “So, I’m so excited to once again partner with Heineken for this year’s program to bring a collection of stylish, well-crafted wardrobe staples to the closet of creatives throughout the world.”

Heineken has previously collaborated with brands including Public School and A Bathing Ape. Last year, for the first time, they made the product available to the public. The collection is available for purchase at Union’s store in Los Angeles and at its recently opened Tokyo store, which will include two additional pieces exclusive to that location.

“Since its inception, the #Heineken100 program has authentically coupled the Heineken brand with the coolest, most impactful brands, influencers and tastemakers,” said Coltrane Curtis, founder and managing partner of Team Epiphany, the marketing agency that created the #Heineken100 program. “After nine years of cutting-edge collaborations and premium products, many companies are attempting to imitate — but never duplicate — the success that Heineken has achieved in organically connecting its consumers to global streetwear culture.”