Today, U.K.-based Heist, a company specializing in tights, shapewear and socks — released the data behind its best-selling “perfect nude” tights.

Heist swatched 100,000 women — those of which shared their own images on a dedicated microsite — to identify 1,000 unique skin tones. From there, Heist clustered the data to result in its seven distinct shades of nude.

“We exist to provide true representation in underwear for all women,” Fiona Fairhurst, Heist’s vice president of innovation, said in a statement. Receiving affinity from Meghan Markle, Amal Clooney and others, the brand’s forward-thinking mission for inclusion is not without notice.

In an industry clamoring for greater size diversity and skin tone representation, the data from Heist represents a breakthrough. Not previously has this extent of crowdsourcing and then open-sourcing of skin tone data been witnessed for the intimates space.

Heist’s chief executive officer Toby Darbyshire explained that without these data-driven initiatives, “the fashion industry would be incapable of providing nude shades that matched their customers skin tones.”

“​This is just the beginning. The Nude Project is set up in such a way that brands expanding into other countries, or with a global footprint, can use the model to easily collate and analyze data to determine how their nude palette should be adapted in any given market,” Darbyshire said.

The data is available on Heist’s web site, for brands and consumers alike to benefit.