HELLO, WEIBO: Christian Louboutin is expanding its social media activity in Asia in the run-up to the launch of its first e-commerce site for the region. Louboutin has recently launched brand profiles on networking sites Weibo.com, Tudou.com, and Youku.com, with content such as behind-the-scenes videos of the designer and his show at Design Museum London last summer. The company said it wants to build more awareness of the brand in the region, where it has nine stores across countries including China, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam.

A dedicated e-commerce site for the Asia-Pacific region will launch over the next few months, as will a simplified Chinese corporate Web site and a Stop Fake site, similar to the one that Louboutin has set up in the West. Stop Fake allows users to register rogue sites selling fake Louboutins and keep up with news about counterfeit Louboutin goods.

This story first appeared in the April 4, 2013 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.