Henri Bendel's new home fragrance.

Known for its signature jewelry and bags, Henri Bendel is venturing into a luxury home candle collection. The line will include eight different candles, each infused with two paired scents.

“We wanted to create a premium collection of personalized scents that combine two olfactive families that would transform your home into a luxurious, sensual and inspiring environment,” said Pina Ferlisi, creative director for Henri Bendel.

Ferlisi said she and Bendel’s in-house beauty team worked to create aromas that evoke the feeling of walking into a particular room. For example, a beachside spa bathroom inspired the eucalyptus-and-sea-salt candle; a sultry Parisian bar inspired the saffron-and-suede candle. The packaging reflects Henri Bendel’s signature branding, with brown and white stripes and a gold-plated top.

 Ferlisi introduced the collection during a intimate breakfast on Aug. 2, in Bendel’s tearoom at the flagship store on Fifth Avenue, which, interestingly enough, was originally constructed to be a residential home. The fragrance will be available in Henri Bendel stores nationwide and globally online, in September, for $55.