An image from Purienne's "Jeux de Peau."

NEW SKIN: Henrik Purienne was in town Saturday afternoon to sign copies of an exclusive edition of his book “Jeux de Peau” in collaboration with Saint Laurent.

The limited release features a customized slip cover, and is only for sale at Saint Laurent Rive Droite stores in Paris and Los Angeles, where Purienne lives.

It is the first in a series of collaborations between the brand and the South African photographer, he explained at the event — although he was keeping mum on the details.

The tome — published by Idea Books last year — features photos of models and his friends as well as the interior of Purienne’s home, furniture and design objects — and some pictures of Saint Laurent beauty products.

“I’m shooting objects around my house, and I had this old YSL Jazz perfume lying around, and some YSL soaps I had collected because I’ve always been a fan of the logo and the provenance and the kind of women they represent,” he explained.

“I documented these fragrances and stuff and I guess that caught their eye. It was a close call on the edit, I was like, I like this, I’m going to put it in, and it worked out nicely.”

Otherwise, the photographer is involved in a couple of book projects, and has decided to turn his back on traditional ad campaigns. “I think traditional advertising is dead, it’s over and it’s boring. No one believes campaigns and look-books any more,” he said.

“I want to focus on doing branded films and books instead. I think the industry has exhausted itself and it’s time to have a whole new approach. I’m no longer putting myself up for commercial work. I want to do books, make films and collaborate with brands I like in a long-term relationship. I won’t collaborate with a brand unless I’m a fan of the style and the taste and the design and what they represent.”

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