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FOLLOW YOUR NOSE: Hermès International hosted an event Monday evening to fete its Hermessence fragrances in the Jardins Albert Kahn in the Paris outskirts of Boulogne-Billancourt.

A winding walk through its Japanese garden — with bonsai trees, bubbling brooks and flowers — was punctuated with outposts, where every one of the 10 different scents in the line were spritzed on ribbons. Each was associated with a haiku. Paprika Brasil, for instance, went with a poem by Kaï Hasegawa that read: “A towering tree / Sets its blossom aquiver / Sweet cool of the night.”

In-house Hermès perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena explained that for him, each Hermessence scent is like a haiku. “It expresses a lot of things in a short time,” he said. “It has to give you a very strong impression, strong emotion. And I don’t use a lot of materials to do it.”

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