Hero Fiennes-Tiffin attending the Salvatore Ferragamo show.

JUST SAY WHEN: Hero Fiennes Tiffin is no stranger to Salvatore Ferragamo, Milan — or the lines of young fans waiting for him outside a show. The “After” lead actor, who fronted the brand’s ready-to-wear and fragrance advertising campaigns and closed the men’s spring 2020 show staged last June in Florence’s Piazza della Signoria, attended the men’s fall Ferragamo show in Milan, a city that he said “feels like a second home.”

“The sun is out, the weather is lovely, perfect. I do love when I come to Milan,” said the actor, who is the nephew of Ralph and Joseph Fiennes. As for his next acting gig, he said he was “kind of planning and sorting out the next move. There are lots of things in the pipeline I am excited about, but I can’t say which one or when.”

Fiennes Tiffin has quickly garnered four million followers on Instagram and, asked about this medium, he admitted it’s “crazy. It’s funny, when it first happened, it was quite overwhelming and I didn’t really want to feed into it too much, but now I am a lot more comfortable with it, I threw up some posts yesterday. I am very on and off, sometimes I might not want to post for a while and sometimes I will. I feel like you have to put yourself first and if you are in the mood you post and if you are not, you don’t. But I appreciate all the fans that are there when I do because they are so supportive.”