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SWEET TOOTH: Unorthodox eyewear brand Coco and Breezy have teamed with Hershey’s to launch its first eyewear collection. The designs, inspired by Twizzlers and Jolly Rancher candies, are set to launch tomorrow.

Priced at retail from $230 to $310, the designs come dressed in bright colors and fabrications – bright green acetate, rubberrzed reds, et al. Product will be retailed at Hershey’s Chocolate World, Specs New York, and on Coco and Breezy’s e-commerce website.

Ernie Savo, Director of Licensing of the Hershey Company, said in a statement: “We are delighted to work with Coco and Breezy in this exciting collaboration. We look forward to work with them to bring our iconic brands to life in the eyewear category.”

The label’s designer said in a statement: “These designs are inspired by our childhood. Sharing things — always in half — was a real way we built the bond we have. A small amount of sugar meant something deep.”