PHILADELPHIA MOMENT: Hillary Clinton’s official campaign merchandise on sale at the Democratic National Convention is decidedly different than that of Donald Trump’s more traditional offerings emblazoned with “Make America Great Again.”

Several T-shirts are clearly targeting women, with sayings like: “Behind Every Great Woman Is Herself” and “Women’s Rights are Human Rights.”

Another shouts out in red with a bold white print “Yo Hillary.” One T-shirt even attempts to get hip with: “I Twerk for Democracy.”

There are similarities between the Trump and Clinton merch though: The Clinton campaign, like Trump’s, is using some of American Apparel’s blank products for merchandise. The “Yo Hillary” shirt used one of the brand’s blanks.

While it might be cheered to have Clinton use some of its products, American Apparel distanced itself from Trump at the GOP convention in Cleveland last week, after it was learned that some of its blank products were being used by the Trump campaign.

“Because we believe in free trade, we sell our American-made T-shirts to thousands of screen printers across the country, allowing them to sell to any customers they choose,” a spokeswoman said last week  in an explanation as to how the Trump campaign could have ended up using American Apparel T-shirts without the company’s knowledge.

“Since we cannot control our wholesalers’ business practices, we want to emphasize that our core values do not always align with the messages printed on the end consumer’s product,” the American Apparel spokeswoman said.

American Apparel did not respond to a request for comment Monday.

Some Clinton campaign T-shirts used blanks from Royal Apparel and Bayside Apparel & Headwear, which promotes itself as a Made in America brand. A call to Royal Apparel was not returned and Bayside Apparel could not be reached for comment.