Hillary Clinton's choice of purple signified unity, according to trend forecaster Li Edelkoort.

PURPLE HEART: Beyond her clear-as-a-bell confidence about America’s future in her concession speech, Hillary Clinton appeared to deliver another message of unity in choosing a Ralph Lauren Collection gray pantsuit with purple accents.

Trend forecaster Li Edelkoort said the color signifies unity. Referring to how Clinton won the popular vote with about 215,000 more votes, Edelkoort made the point that purple is a combination of blue and red. “She symbolized the unity of these two extremes which I think was very wise and beautiful and symbolic,” said Edelkoort, adding that Bill Clinton chose a purple tie and Tim Kaine’s wife Anne Holton wore the color, too, “so they really decided on it.”

On the cusp of a purple fashion moment, Edelkoort said Clinton’s look was “well-seen as a prospective choice.” She recalled how Clinton had been “continuously so well-dressed at the three debates,” choosing a blue pantsuit for the first one, a red ensemble for the second and a white option for the third.” The all-white Ralph Lauren one she wore for her final showdown with Donald Trump sent some scrambling to find a similar style. As a sign of support and to pay homage to the suffragette movement, many women turned up at the polls dressed all in white, Edelkoort said.

Conversely, Edelkoort said she didn’t think Melania Trump understood the all-white symbolism of the Ralph Lauren jumpsuit she wore early Wednesday morning. She also made mention of how Trump made his acceptance speech at the Hilton Hotel in midtown wearing a red [Donald Trump-branded] tie, while his son Baron stood nearby wearing a white necktie and Trump’s running mate Mike Pence wore a blue tie. “It was very male. There were no females nearby. It was very unusual. Normally, the [incumbent] first lady is there as well,” Edelkoort said.