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HONG KONG–H&M is courting the Chinese streetwear fan with a special collection inspired by the Nineties. The more than 30-piece collection for both men and women, features five of the country’s leading young creatives: pop singer Fu Longfei, classical dancer Lulu Chen; Solitaire founder Mac Zhou; stylist Mia Kong, and Shanghai club owner and electronic collective founder Nikki “Sisi” Li.

Available from April 20 onwards, the “Asia Keys” collection is sold exclusively in five select markets in Asia: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan and South Korea.

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The collection is festooned with big cartoon prints, featuring Warner Brothers characters Bugs Bunny and Donald Duck, a throwback to childhood cartoons and the light washed denim styles of three decades ago.

The cast also shed light on their philosophy for street-inspired wear.

“Many believe streetwear and sexiness are from different worlds but when you mix them together, it creates an inspiring chemistry that turns heads…,” Li said. “I also like to dress according to how I feel; my mix-and-matching inspiration usually kicks in early in the morning.”

“Your style also reflects your cultural background and lifestyle,” Kong said. “If you are able to read through the stories behind fashion, you will understand that fashion is not just about being pretty.”

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