H&M's Coachella 2017 tent

In its eighth year as an official Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival sponsor, H&M will once again invite festivalgoers to an interactive experience tent on the fairgrounds. This year’s installation will be a surreal representation of the Palm Springs House, where the original campaign for the H&M Loves Coachella collection was shot.

H&M Coachella 2017 tent

A rendering of the patio at H&M’s Coachella 2017 tent. 

The tent features a garage, living room and patio with dreamlike photo moments, a pop-up shop for the collection and a “creature comfort” yard for festivalgoers. The tent, powered by green energy, will highlight H&M’s eco-conscious initiatives, while serving as a hangout spot for both weekends.

H&M Coachella 2017 tent

The floorplan of H&M’s Coachella 2017 tent 

Starting in “The Garage,” guests will be invited to experience multiple activations to begin their journey. Featuring an immersive concave video booth decorated with kaleidoscopic imagery, festival attendees will be filmed for 7 seconds, with their videos being retrieved digitally on iPads. One wall will be plastered with Post-It notes where visitors can post their own message and make their mark on the weekend. This room will also be home to H&M’s core sustainability actions, highlighting the Garment Recycling initiative, urging visitors to always recycle their unwanted apparel.

In the “Living Room,” guests will have more than three photo options to try, from a larger-than-life sofa to an infinity room highlighting conscious garments from the H&M Loves Coachella collection. Lastly, a mountain peak with suspended clouds will be the main photo attraction, giving guests the illusion of being sky high (some may also be in the literal state).

H&M Coachella 2017 tent

The living room area of H&M’s Coachella 2017 tent 

Finally, guests end up out on “The Patio” to do some shopping at the pop-up. The shop will include the H&M Loves Coachella collection for guests to purchase on iPads. This room will also be the last stop to power up and refill with a seating area to charge electronics and a water bottle refill station, educating guests on H&M’s initiatives around PET bottle recycling.

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