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MONKI-ING AROUND: H&M’s quirky Monki brand feted its first Paris boutique, located 96 Rue de Provence, with disco party on Wednesday night.

The two-story-venue with surrealistic décor, featuring mirrors galore, filled quickly with party guests, as French DJane Piu Piu span a series of her favorite tracks — disco with a bit of soul.

“Girlie music,” she quipped, dressed in Monki from head to toe.

Piu Piu, aka Giulietta Canzani Mora, explained she actually “knew Monki before, because I used to go to Sweden a lot,” citing the its accessibility and funky fabrics as main points of attraction.

Meanwhile, illustrator Stina Löfgren barely had time to grab a bite of her veggie burger, which were prepared on site. “I’ll probably do 100,” Löfgren said of the portraits she drew swiftly on piles of Monki bags, as party guests lined up to see their caricature emerge in seconds.