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SECRET SERVICE: Fashion reality show veteran Stacy London has a new gig serving as the first face of beauty solution company Hollywood Fashion Secrets. With a range of about 30 products that do everything from correcting gaping blouses to removing deodorant marks, the brand is centered on the idea of preventing and correcting a woman’s everyday malfunctions. “We have really great products but relatively low product awareness,” said Jane Dailey, cofounder and president of the brand. “Our intent for Stacy is to create that brand awareness and elevate the category.”

In her role, the former “What Not to Wear” star will be tasked with sharing “style secrets,” tips and tricks of the trade across digital and print mediums as well as through in-person events. “I believe in solution-based dressing,” said London, who counts the brand’s bra-strap converter and fashion tape as go-tos. “Sometimes it’s the thing we don’t think about that makes us insecure all day, like the bra strap showing or the fact that your shirt doesn’t look flat against your body the way it did in the catalogue. I talk about confidence with women all the time because I feel there is such a connection between the way we look and the way we feel. It starts with being able to see yourself in a certain way. And the word I like to use is certitude and certainty — we feel good when we know we look good.”

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