At the Homme Plissé Issey Miyake artistic presentation

ART ATTACK: Homme Plissé Issey Miyake staged its first artistic presentation in Paris, on Thursday night at the Centre Pompidou. Guests in attendance lined all four walls of a vast room there, which made up the “playground” that the designer had created along with concept and direction by Daniel Ezralow.

To wit, there was a line of rings and a dangling rope, plus a tightrope in place before the beginning of the performance, which featured gymnasts, dancers and models. It sprang to life after a bell was chimed solemnly and men sprinted across the space to begin dressing.

A group of them lined up sporting a selection of the streamlined pleated clothing that comes in a wide array of saturated colors, from the brand’s fall 2019 collection created by Miyake and his design studio, and demonstrated how pieces can be mixed and matched. Two guys sporting wider garb did an amazing balancing act on the tightrope.

Homme Plissé Issey Miyake's balancing act

Homme Plissé Issey Miyake’s balancing act.  Dominique Maître

Men walked, danced and ran around the room, filling it with a swirl of lush hues and an exuberant, joyful vibe. A high point was when some swung from the rings in ethereal, mesmerizing synchronized movement.

“Playgrounds are for everybody of all ages. A place for recreation. A place to re-create ourselves,” Ezralow was quoted as saying in the notes provided to attendees. He had choreographed a presentation for Homme Plissé Issey Miyake in 2013 in Japan, featuring the men’s rhythmic gymnastics team of Aomori University.

The artistic presentation in Paris took place hours after the Issey Miyake men’s show earlier in the day.

Homme Plissé Issey Miyake was established in 2013 as a masculine counterpart to Pleats Please, which had been introduced for women two decades prior. The men’s clothing is meant to be light and comfortable, with uniform pleats to keep fabric from sticking too close to skin. Most of the items are pleated after being cut and sewn.