One Hong Kong retailer is having a little fun — at Dolce & Gabbana’s expense. Goods of Desire, known for its acronym G.O.D and its nostalgic Asian home and lifestyle products, has put up a cheeky window display, inviting passersby to photograph it all they want.

The display, at the retailer’s Causeway location, features a mannequin holding a camera and performing a high-kick. Next to it is a sign in Cantonese, the Chinese dialect here, that roughly translates as, “Photograph all you want!”


While the display does not directly reference Dolce & Gabbana, it is clearly responding to a recent wave of protests accusing the Italian fashion house of discrimination. The protests arose after local media reported that a security personnel had stopped a Hong Kong resident from taking photographs from the street and said only Mainland Chinese and foreigners could do so.

G.O.D. co-founder and chief executive Douglas Young said seeing young people demonstrating at the Dolce & Gabbana store had moved him. “That represents a turning point in psyche of young people,” he said. “The message that they are sending out, that money is not everything — that represents a turning point in Hong Kong for the better.”

Until recently, Hong Kong residents had placed a heavy emphasis on money and prestige brands as status symbols but now they are more concerned with being sophisticated, cultured, knowledgeable and fashionable, he explained.

“The fact is, in China, they have not reached that stage. So if it really was the case that these security guards treated Chinese people as more important than Hong Kong people because they have more money, that is really insulting to us,” Young said.

Young said that G.O.D. had wanted to execute the display in a way that was “not so blatant” and with humor. It had planned to put up the mannequin bursting through the wall for Chinese New Year anyway, and modified it by adding the camera and the slogan.

Earlier this week, Dolce & Gabbana apologized for insulting the people of Hong Kong but it seems that many residents are still not satisfied. Many protestors took to the Internet to voice their dissatisfaction with Dolce & Gabbana’s apology, doubting its sincerity. A Facebook page created to rally support for the protests states that further demonstrations are scheduled this weekend and next week over the Chinese New Year holiday.

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