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HONG KONG — Più Lifestyle sees potential in pajamas.

A newly conceived brand by former Vogue Mexico editor Valerie Mattos, entrepreneur Gabriella Zavatti and Zavatti’s husband Bastien Le Coz, the Hong Kong-based label offers up comfortable and classic loungewear pieces that can be also be dressed up and worn outside the house.

“Più is an Italian word which means ‘more.’ We felt that resonated with what we were doing in our collection, that Più gives you that little bit more than a normal pajama brand. It does have that versatility,” said Zavatti, who also runs a business called Zavva Shots, which makes pre-packaged alcoholic shots.

Because all three of Più’s players had international upbringings and globe-trotting schedules — and with suitcase space at a premium — it was important for the designs to be able to do double-duty.

“It’s just really a reflection of what we needed. Valerie’s from Colombia but lives in Belgium, I’m from Hong Kong but live a little bit more in Paris now,” Zavatti said.

While wearing pajamas out of the house is nothing new, Più hopes to fill a space in the market for stylish pajamas that are not at a superluxe price point. The line’s signature Daniella pajama set retails for $125 and a tunic is $110. All the bamboo-cotton blend pieces are produced by a small family-owned garment manufacturer in Hong Kong.

“One of the reasons why we were so driven to this market is because the price range was much higher,” Zavatti said. “Others are doing similar cuts but in much more expensive price brackets, and of course, different fabrics. A lot of competitors are doing silk.”

Più, on the other hand, wanted something a bit more rough-and-tumble that didn’t need ironing or dry cleaning, or require “coveting that 300-pound silk pajama set.”

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Each piece comes with the option to embroider a monogram, and is delivered in a pillowcase.

“The idea is that you can use them as pillows, to pack your underwear, or pack your accessories on board,” Zavatti said.

They eventually want to branch out into travel accessories and other seasonal fabrics like cashmere-blend pieces. For the moment, the brand is selling online but by February will be stocked in boutiques Pas de Deux and Galena in Bogota; St. Dom in Cartagena; Miami’s Frankie, and Soho House.