FASHION GRILL PARTY: Bless reaffirmed its penchant for non-conformity this season, presenting its fall-winter collection at a quirky barbecue in eastern Paris, instead of the usual downtown venues. The location was so unexpected that it could have been mistaken for a block party: a bohemian ground-floor apartment with adjacent garden that belongs to a Palais Tokyo staff member. While potato salad, tea and fruitcake graced the large dining table, it took some time to spot the fashion collection, most of which was worn by the barbecue guests.

There were printed tapestry motifs on down jackets with matching trousers, produced by Crescent Down Works, the U.S. company that normally lends its talent to sportswear but reportedly had “a lot of fun” with the coltish outfits.

As if on cue, the label presented the “hot sausage” look, an elaborate cape-in-coat construction, which rolled up to become a voluminous scarf when unzipped on the sides.

But perhaps the most charming piece was a heavy-knit sleeveless jumper, called “the horizon ball,” which took its name from the generous volumes it offered, matched with braided leather ankle boots. Both items were hand-knitted from a reflective yarn that glows by night and changed color when photographed — which was exactly what the guests were up to.

“We never really have a theme; things just come together,” explained Desiree Heiss, one of Bless’ creative directors, before dashing off to get some guacamole for her grilled meat.