FOR GOOD CAUSES: Hucksley is out to combine commerce and charity. Launched last month, the new San Francisco-based flash-sale site gives 25 percent of its profits to non-profit organizations.

Merchandise on Hucksley is priced 10 to 25 percent lower than it is at retail and is available for five to seven days. About 100 items are on the site at any given time. Hucksley focuses on emerging brands in the apparel, accessory and tech categories with products priced from $20 to $500. Among the brands launching on Hucksley at the outset were Sol Republic, Sailormade, Cory Vines, Eayrslee, Ministry of Supply and Coatt. Upon checking out, shoppers chose whether their purchases will benefit Charity: Water or Pencils of Promise.

Although flash sales sites have had some challenges obtaining inventory, Brett Hagler, co-founder of Hucksley, believes that won’t be a problem because Hucksley is not selling excess goods. “We buy everything at wholesale or better than wholesale because sometimes our brands will use us as a corporate social responsibility tool, so they will give us additional margin,” he said, adding that Hucksley does not hold inventory and places purchase orders for merchandise with brands after it runs sales. Hucksley has raised $500,000 from angel funders, including entrepreneurs Tarkan Maner and Shaun Bishop, according to Hagler. He expects the site will look to raise another $3 million to $4 million next year. “This is not a little tiny dream. We see ourselves as a curated Amazon in the future,” said Hagler. “It’s such a simple idea, yet effective.”