Limited-edition Barbie

TORONTO — One of the best-loved dolls of the 20th century celebrates women’s adventurous style and spirit in 2016 with the launch of a new limited-edition Barbie for Hudson’s Bay.

Debuting on Wednesday in HBC stores across Canada and on, the collaboration between the Hudson’s Bay Company Collection and  Mattel “came at the right time,” according to Hilary Kelley, vice president of design at HBC Collections, Hudson’s Bay.

“Barbie is a timeless, iconic figure and we are a timeless, iconic company,” Kelley said. “We wanted this new incarnation of Barbie to represent today’s HBC woman. She’s chic, modern and fashionable. That’s our customer — and our company.”

Designed internally by the Hudson’s Bay Co. Collection, this evolving take on the 57-year-old Barbie and her pet dog, Hudson, standing before the chain’s flagship in downtown Toronto, which adorns the interior of this boxed collectible priced at 59.99 Canadian dollars, or $45.75 at current exchange.

Barbie wears a sleek pencil skirt and matching coat which both feature the bold stripes that have become Hudson’s Bay’s signature. Other accessories include a creamy knit tuque; a chic black turtleneck; sunglasses, and ankle boots, as well as an urban carry bag loaded with essentials women need in 2016.

“Barbie’s smartphone case and coffee cup are items that come from our current fall collection,” said Kelley.

The same is true of the diminutive striped sweater worn by Barbie’s four-legged companion.

According to Akram Sharkawy, brand communication marketing manager at Mattel Canada, HBC’s Barbie “portrays reality, not fantasy.”

“The way Barbie is dressed here is fashion forward and represents what many women wear on the streets everyday going to work and living their lives in 2016,” said Sharkawy.

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