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BOSS MEN: Hugo Boss marked the opening of its new-look and expanded Bond Street store Thursday night with a cocktail and stand-up dinner featuring a posse of young British actors such as Oliver Cheshire, Ben Hardy, Russell Tovey and Christian Cooke.

Violinist Charlie Siem serenaded the crowd, which also included Richard Rankin, Elizabeth von Guttman, Imogen Waterhouse, Ella Catliff and Roisin Murphy, who upped the tempo with a DJ set after Siem’s set of violin miniatures.

Ben Hardy, who stars in the long-running British soap opera EastEnders, was the picture of health — perhaps in preparation for his next role. The young actor is set to appear in the next installment of “X-Men,” but was disinclined to discuss the details.

Far chattier were Fiona Leahy and Russell Tovey, meanwhile, who spent the evening swapping tales of their dogs. “I bought him from a breeder in East London,” said Tovey, who stars in TV drama “Banished” as a British convict sent to Australia. “I called him Rocky because he needed a cool name. It was either that or Rambo.”

The French bulldog travels with Tovey when the latter is filming, and has become a trusted arbiter of personalities. “He’s a Scorpio,” said Tovey. “He’s a very quick judge of people so if he doesn’t like someone I start to wonder why.”

Leahy wondered aloud whether it was wrong to cuddle one’s dog in the morning, before cuddling one’s partner. Leahy acquired her dog Riley when buying flowers. “A crack-head woman in there trying to give him away in an airline blanket. She was going to abandon him if I didn’t take him.”

David St. John-James shared his experience of shooting Josh Brolin for the cover of Port magazine. “Women would ask, ‘Is that the guy from “The Goonies”?’ Straight men would ask, ‘Is that the guy from “No Country For Old Men”?’, and gay guys would ask, ‘Is that Barbara Streisand’s son?’ Without fail, every time,” he said.

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