ACE OF BASS: Huntergather cofounder David Bradshaw’s relationship with the heritage shoe label G&H Bass goes back 20 years: The day he met Michael Jackson at the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles.

“I was there for the first fitting of the ‘Scream’ video that I was about to style. He was wearing a fedora, mirrored aviators, a black military tunic with gold braid, skinny black jeans, white terry socks and a pair of well-worn, black, classic Bass Weejun penny loafers,” said Bradshaw at a party to mark the two brands’ collaboration.

“I worked with him for a month, and every day he would rehearse dance routines wearing his Bass shoes; he moonwalked in them,” Bradshaw said, adding, “I’ve been wearing them ever since. I like that they’re iconic. It’s a brand that has quite a spectacular heritage — J.F.K. wore them, Paul Newman wore them.”

At the party, male and female models wore shoes from the collaboration and pieces from Huntergather’s current spring collection. They sprawled on a bench rolling cigarettes and drinking beer underneath black-and -white campaign imagery by 19-year-old Beni Masiala, who met Bradshaw when he was shopping in the store.

“It turned out that he had amazing taste and an eye – so I asked him to shoot for me,” he said.