Huntsman's Pierre Lagrange and artist Beatrice Caracciolo in Venice.

MILAN — The current Art Biennale in Venice is not only spotlighting new artistic installations but also highlighting the thin boundary between art and the world of fashion and accessories, as projects promoted by Huntsman and Swatch show.

Savile Row tailor Huntsman collaborated with Italian artist Beatrice Caracciolo to replicate her black-and-white work “Pine Needles” on the silk lining of 11 limited-edition bespoke jackets. Huntsman’s chairman Pierre Lagrange is said to have been inspired to team with the artist after buying one of her works in Beijing.

To celebrate the capsule collection, Lagrange cohosted with Sotheby’s an intimate lunch for guests at the Gritti Palace hotel in Venice last week.

A Huntsman bespoke jacket featuring Beatrice Caracciolo's “Pine Needles” lining.

A Huntsman bespoke jacket featuring Beatrice Caracciolo’s “Pine Needles” lining.  Courtesy Photo

Available to purchase for Sotheby’s private clients, each jacket comes at a price of 5,000 pounds, or $6,458 at current exchange. All the proceeds of the sale will be destined to La Frontiera, Caracciolo’s Paris foundation that aims to provide studio space to artists who can’t afford it.

This is the latest in a series of Huntsman’s artistic collaborations. Previously, the label featured works such as René Magritte’s “Man in a Bowler Hat” and pieces by Francis Bacon as the lining inside its jackets. Last year, Huntsman also teamed with American artist Ed Ruscha, printing his 1987-painting “Boy Meets Girl” inside six bespoke jackets. One of these was later auctioned for $26,000, donated to America’s Alzheimer’s Association.

"Giardini Colourfall" by Ian Davenport.

“Giardini Colourfall” by Ian Davenport.  Courtesy Photo

Swiss watchmaker Swatch also unveiled a project in Venice named “Giardini Colourfall.” Located among the country pavilions, this large-scale painting was realized by British artist Ian Davenport. The aluminum panel shows a sequence of more than 1,000 colors, which were poured down from the top and pooled into each other at the base of the panel, leaving a series of vertical lines as a trace.

Flanking the installation, Davenport created the “Wide Acres of Time” limited-edition watch for the Swatch Art Collection. The model reprises the same colorful abstract concept as Davenport’s signature works, featuring a series of colored lines on a white-based watch.

Ian Davenport wearing the "Wide Acres of Time" watch.

Ian Davenport wearing the “Wide Acres of Time” watch.  Swatch Ltd.

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