Idalia Salsamendi

Idalia Salsamendi is utilizing her expertise in the influencer space to launch a master class series.

Salsamendi, a brand and influencer strategist who has worked with the likes of Chriselle Lim, Brittany Xavier, Chiara Ferragni and other top influencers, is leveraging her more than 16-year career as a talent and influencer manager for the six-week master class that launches Friday, which aims to give influencers the tools and knowledge they need to create a sustainable career in the industry.

“I’m just mystified at the lack of truthful information about the [influencer] industry that’s out there,” she said during a Zoom call. “I always say there is a lot of glitter out there, but where is the gold of information? [The master class] at least is the right start in creating a space where influencers can come and feel certain about the information they’re receiving.”

The six-week course tackles several topics that are commonplace in the influencer space, including how to successfully monetize on social media, building a team and how to build relationships with brands, among other topics.

Salsamendi also offers more in-depth insight into the world of influencing, such as establishing your “why” as an influencer, what makes you unique and determining long-term goals.

“I’m a firm believer that there has to be professional and personal growth, so this master class is dedicated to both,” she said. “My big thing with this master class is that each course not only gives these tips and tricks, but I also give examples of what I’m teaching so there is a clear and direct vision for the person doing this.”

One of Salsamendi’s biggest points with the master class and her work through her own company, Idalia Salsamendi Inc., is that influencers need to stay authentic and mindful with the content they’re producing, which has become even more critical in this year’s social and political climate.

“I always tell influencers that you can’t just post for a good cause because it’s the ‘cool thing’ to do,” she said. “If you’re going to be posting about a minority group — especially something as powerful as the Black Lives Matter movement — don’t just post to check off that box. What does it mean to be an advocate? Get in and do the work because if you’re just posting and you’re not doing the work, it’s counterintuitive.”

The master class is the latest online course Salsamendi offers through her web site. The site also offers courses on pitching, unlocking Instagram’s algorithm and a contract template, among others. The influencer master class is available for a flat fee of $497.

Overall, Salsamendi hopes the master class helps demystify the influencer space for current and aspiring influencers and offer the tools needed to have a successful career.

“It’s really about honing in your truth,” she said. “It’s honing in your authenticity and aligning with brands and clients that understand that and support that.”

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