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IMG has signed Nico Tortorella.

This is a full circle moment for Tortorella, who stars in the hit TV Land series “Younger” and was rejected by Ford Models when he was 13.

“I knew I could be a model,” Tortorella said. “I set up a whole photo shoot on my own and they told me it wasn’t the right time or the right fit. Looking back on pictures of myself I sort of get it, but I always knew this was an industry I could fit into.”

Despite his desires to be a model, Tortorella, who is 28 and hails from Illinois, always considered acting the top priority. But ever since he revealed he was sexually fluid earlier this year, another facet has been layered on to his brand — he also recently launched a podcast called The Love Bomb, which covers love, relationships and labels.

“I’m handling things differently than most Hollywood guys have,” Tortorella said. “I’m very fascinated by this part of the movement right now and I’m in the middle of it. I have a platform where I can do good for the world.”

Along with spreading a message of inclusivity and openness, Tortorella wants to use his platform to create things, specifically a fashion line with another brand a la Tommy Hilfiger’s partnership with Gigi Hadid, who is also signed to IMG.

“I think the sky is the limit with this new deal, but I’ve always talked about having my own line. I make my own hats and I repurpose a lot of vintage accessories so it will just come down to the right partnership with the right house,” Tortorella said.

In terms of acting, Tortorella said there a few things in the pipeline — he mentioned having a great relationship with TV Land, hint, hint — but ultimately he’s seeking out roles that help him grow.

“I want to have an Academy Award at some point,” the actor said. “My acting is the basis of my entire career. It’s the foundation. Without my work speaking for myself, I’m just another personality.”

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