In Fiore x Violette

In Fiore’s latest solid fragrance, Baisers de Jasmin, is a first for both the brand and its collaborator, French makeup artist Violette.

This is the first collaboration for the fragrance brand, which launched 20 years ago, and the first fragrance collaboration for Violette, who earlier this year was named the new global beauty director and spokesperson at Estée Lauder.

In Fiore Baisers de Jasmin  Robert Couto Photography

“I look for someone who I align with very well aesthetically and also creatively,” said Julie Elliott, founder of In Fiore, on working with Violette. “I like a strong personality, which may be contrary to a collaboration, but I love women who are confident in their creativity and ability to make decisions. In this case, when typically there would be conflict, it worked beautifully.”

A fan of the brand’s solid fragrances, Violette reached out to Elliott about creating a new scent together that embodies female empowerment. Going through multiple iterations, the two decided on a jasmine-based scent, which Elliott combined with botanical versions of benzoin and white amber.

“I really care about celebrating women and enhancing who they are as they are and not changing them,” Violette said. “I told [Elliott] it was my dream to do a perfume that will help women feel great and celebrate their femininity and sensuality.”

In addition to solely using botanical ingredients, Elliot formulates the brand’s solid fragrances with the mentality that the scents have an aromatherapy quality to them. The blend of ingredients she used for the Baisers de Jasmin scent is meant to evoke a feeling of empowerment for its wearer.

“We didn’t create this product for scent alone, but we created it to have this homeopathic quality to it,” Elliott continued. “Every ingredient we selected was not only key for the fragrance, but also fits with the feeling we’re going after.”

Known for her bold makeup looks, Violette harnessed her aesthetic for the collaboration by suggesting the solid fragrance be housed in a gold compact with a mirror and the packaging be a vibrant, Yves Klein blue.

The limited-edition Baisers de Jasmin solid fragrance will be available starting today on the brand’s site and at Cap Beauty for $95.

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